Agency Nursing

To apply as a nurse , applicants are expected to be veriied by Nursing and Midwifery Council(The NMC to checks that the applicant is capable of practicing safely and effectively in the UK as a nurse or midwife and they assess the applicant’s qualification, training and experience against UK NMC standards.

NMC will check whether the applicant has undertaken the necessary post-qualifying practice and experience in each area of nursing or midwifery as required for the part of the Register for which they are applying.

Since  September 2018, the requirement to have minimum experience has been removed but applicants must meet NMC’s English language requirements. To prove knowledge of English language requirements, there are a number of pieces of evidence that The NMC will accept:

A recent pre-registration nursing or midwifery qualification which was taught and examined in English. NMC will need further evidences at the assessment stage before they make a final decision on its acceptability.**By recent NMC mean’s evidence related to English Language Competence that is less than two years old at the point of making an application to the NMC

Registration and practice of at least one year in a country where English is the first and native language and an English language assessment was required for registration.
The applicant will, separately, be required to meet the full requirements of the UK’s immigration processes, where UKVI approved English certificate has to be submitted.

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